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About Catpro


Catpro has been operating as a small business providing high quality cat furniture in the Seattle area since 1998.  Most sales are to pet stores regionally, but online sales are available as well.


Catpro builds high quality sisal* cat furniture with solid materials like 3/4 inch plywood, 2x4s and 4x4s. No particle or pressboard is used. No nails are used, only 3 inch wood screws. Only quality household plush carpets(no commercial grade carpet) is used, and sisal* on the upright posts, which is very durable for cats to scratch on, and is a natural organic fiber.  It will last years longer than furniture with only plush carpet on the posts.

Catpro doesn't have a store-front or showroom, so items are generally not available to be viewed prior to purchase. In most cases the furniture is built as it is orderered.  For stores where Catpro products can be found, click on Retail Locations.

*If you are curious about what sisal is, please see the links and photos below:














Cat Furniture in Seattle
Cat Furniture in Seattle
Cat Furniture in Seattle
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